Printz is creating a social interior design destination that utilizes technology and community crowdsourcing to streamline the process of DIY design and serve as a purchase point for home furnishings.


A few words from the founder  


Design is important! It has the ability to impact functionality, mood and productivity. I love helping people bring design to their homes by empowering them to do it themselves. The principal of empowerment came from my grandmother, along with my middle name, Printz! Side note- also, my favorite aspect of interior design, scouring for the perfect fabric pattern or print.

With the right guidance, I believe anyone has the capability to create an environment they desire. When I was in high school, my canvas happened to be my parent's house and in college, the West Elm, Scarsdale store, where my initial idea for Printz came about. And let me tell you! Walking people through the process of design has fueled my curiosity to find innovative ways to make this process easy and rewarding. 
So stay tuned! We are continually discovering new methods to help you design your space by building out tools and guides with improved technology and trending products. 

Get your design on.