Printz Designer

Design and create a personal gift box.
Just follow these three steps.

What you need: carton, scissors, glue, color printer

Step 1: Find your template

Download a giftbox template, for example one of these:

Step 2: Design your print

To personalize the box, design your own print with the designer. Start with a design from the gallery or use one of these (click to go to designer):

Is the base of the box in the middle of your template (like the square box above)?
Then you can make a spiral or fractal:

Make your design more personal by using a name pattern
(Use another print as background and upload your print as background image):

Step 3: Create your box

Print your design on the smooth side of your carton and your template on the back.
(Download a pattern as pdf and print a spiral or fractal on a whole page)

Now just cut, fold and glue your box.

And don't forget to add your present!