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Have you ever glanced over to look at someone’s new flashy phone? Sure, we all have at some point but the tricky thing is that they now all look almost identical! What really makes a phone stand out these days is its phone case and what better way to fall back in love with your phone than have a phone case that you have designed yourself! It has never been easier with our pattern designer, or spiral designer. You can find inspiration, instructions and tips in this blog. Ultimately it isn’t about what others think, it’s about whether you love it!

Make your phone case stand out: part of your identity

We typically unlock our phone over 100 times a day. That’s a lot! There can’t be a single other item we own that we use as frequently. Yet most of our phones still look like boring black slabs. Imagine if your phone became more like your favorite item of clothing: like a statement of who we are. Imagine if every time you took your phone out you’d not only have others look in admiration but you’d also feel proud of what you’d designed and your image. We’ve gone beyond the days of cool being represented by an Apple logo. It is now about being unique, expressing your own identity and that is all so easy with our designers. Best of all, it can take as little as 15 minutes! Or much shorter with our pattern generator or spiral generator to create your unique phone case print.

Going beyond boring phone cases - the importance of an image

We’ve learnt the hard way by either dropping our phone, having our children smash our phone or even dropping it down the toilet (cringe!) so most of us now buy a phone protector. They’ve improved a lot and you can now buy a range of colours and styles on the likes of Amazon. You can go so so much further by using our designers. The key to a great personalised phone case is its image or pattern so give that some thought. Phone case designs could be a funky shape or pattern which you then use Printz Designer to replicate, an image or name of someone special to you, a flag, the logo of your favorite football team, a cause you care about. The possibilities and customisable options are limitless. Check this out for inspiration if you are struggling for ideas for phone case prints. And, just like you have more than one dress or shirt, why not have more than one phone case to match your mood or the rest of your clothes.

How to use Printz Designer to create a customised phone case

Here’s how to have your own personalised phone case from scratch using Printz Designer. You can start with a simple design and then try some of the more sophisticated customising tools. The icing on the cake is that making them can cost as little as $20:

STEP 1: Do you want a nice pattern, impressive spiral or creative fractal for your case? In all cases, go to the corresponding designer!

STEP 2: Choose the images, texts, text symbols and figures you want to use for your print.
Tip: Create a nice background and upload it in the designer!

STEP 3: Variate with colors and shapes and choose your favorite self-made design.

STEP 4: Find a company that can print your design on a nice book case, shield case or stand case.

Phone cases as presents

Customised phone cases also make great presents. Crafty gifts are so special as you know that someone has put real thought into it. They are often much more cost effective but have way more impact. Accompany it with a heartfelt and handwritten note and you have a perfect combination. With a self-made giftbox you can make your present even more personal!

Let’s celebrate everyone being unique

It has been so awesome to see the fashion sector move towards being much more individualistic and personalised. Phone cases should follow that trend. It is no longer about fitting in, being a sheep and following the crowd. Being comfortable with who you are, what your style is and what you care about is so much more important. If you connect with this vision, having a phone case that is different, unique and personalised to you seems like a great fit.

Give it a try - it’s fun too!