Printz Designer
Make personal gift boxes with the pattern and spiral designer. Print one of the A4 templates on the back of your print.
Everybody loves to receive special gifts. That's why I make personal gift boxes. It shows attention and you can bring up memories by adding personal texts and images.

With christmas, instead of a traditional card, I make christmas giftboxes (filled with chocolates) for family and friends.
For personal birthday gifts, I design cheerful patterns with names and ages on it.
And for new borns, I make personalized etui gift boxes.

Do you also want to create a personal giftbox? Just follow the three steps in this recipe. You can download the A4 templates I made to print at home.

What you need: color printer, carton, scissors, glue

Step 1: Find your template

Choose the shape of your giftbox and download the template (click on the image):

Step 2: Design your print

To personalize the box, design your own print with the designer. Start with a design from the gallery or use one of these (click to go to designer):

For inspiration, feel free to take a look at my Shutterstock collection.

Is the base of the box in the middle of your template (like the square box above)?
Then you can make a spiral or fractal:

Make your design more personal by using a name pattern:

Tip: Use another print as background and upload your print as background image:

Step 3: Create your box

Print your design on the smooth side of your carton and your template on the back.

Now just cut, fold and glue your box.

And don't forget to add your present!