Printz Designer

Looking for a shirt, skirt or scarve with the right fabric?
Or a gift with the right name on it?
Here you can design it yourself


Print your pattern on a fabric to make your own scarve, shirt or skirt.
Or how about napkins, table cloths and tea towels?
Tip: For a transparant effect, set the transparancy of the item lower than 1.


With the items in the gifts category you can create nice patterns for gift wraps.

Create a personal gift box by printing your pattern or spiral on a template for a gift box.

Tip: Created a repeatable pattern? Download a PDF of your repeating pattern to print it on A4.
Created a spiral or fractal? Use a template with the base in the middle.

Here you can find templates and instructions.

Phone cases

Personalize your phone case with a great fractal, spiral or pattern.

Visit cards

Give your visit card a nice backside and print your text pattern on it.

Tip: Set the size of your drawing equal to the size of your visit card (the usual size is 3.5 x 2 inch in the US and 85 x 55 mm in Europe).